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MS Sans Souci

Cruise Line
 1st January 2000
 269 feet
Total Crew


The SANS has SOUCI Berlin as their home port and is running on from here or to Wroclaw, the Elbe to Prague and is heading for the Baltic Sea, or downstream. Furthermore, for the first time the SANS SOUCI travel on the waterways.

On this river ship, the name says it all: Completely "Without concern" you spend on board the SANS SOUCI your personal dream cruise. Not least because of the relatively small number of passengers this cruise ship is a particularly hospitable. Certainly, you'll appreciate the warm, very personal atmosphere and be amazed at what great space saver located in the very compact look at the ship. The pleasant atmosphere is dominated by warm colors and fine brass decors. Through the large windows can freely follow the bank run your views. Especially from where panoramic lounge, the central meeting place on board, discover fascinating river landscapes that seem close enough to touch. A particularly romantic atmosphere you can enjoy on the sun deck, where you are already under great awnings guaranteed into raptures. And for your personal fitness program you can use the on-board fitness equipment available.