zremove - Ocean Village



It's the perfect mix of adrenaline rush and relaxation - afloat and ashore where couples, groups of friends and individuals can mingle easily and families feel at home. For most of us, an Ocean Village holiday is for people who want to discover the best of the Mediterranean or Caribbean without having to lug their bags around with them. They sail to a new place each night so you only have to unpack once. Unconventional, individual, easy going - that's the whole philosophy of Ocean Village. Which is why everything on board and ashore is designed to set you as free from life's routines as possible.

There is great buffet-style food available day and night, so you can eat when it suits you. There are no formal dress codes, so casual wear is always fine. And whether you are a party animal or prefer to take things a little easier, you will find a hundred different ways to have a good time. You set the pace. Ocean Village simply give's you the same space to enjoy yourself.

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