American Queen, Lord of the Glens, MPS Da Vinci, MPS Rotterdam, MS A-Rosa Aqua, MS A-Rosa Donna, MS A-Rosa Emotion, MS A-Rosa Flora, MS A-Rosa Silva , MS A-Rosa Stella, MS A-Rosa Viva, MS Adriatic Queen, MS Alegria, MS Amadeus Imperial, MS Amadeus Silver II, MS Amadeus Silver III, MS Amadeus Star, MS Amalia Rodrigues, MS Arca, MS Arena, MS Belle de Cadix, MS Belle de l'Adriatique, MS Botticelli, MS Cyrano de Bergerac, MS Desire, MS Dnieper Princess, MS Europe, MS Fernao De Magalhaes, MS France, MS Infante D.Henrique, MS Infante Gil Eanes, MS La Marguerite, MS Loire Princesse, MS Michelangelo, MS Miguel Torga, MS Monet, MS Princess, MS Princess Aloha, MS Princesse d'Aquitaine, MS Renoir, MS Seine Princess, MS Serenade 2, MS Van Gogh, MV A-Rosa Alva, MV Athena, MV Century Star, MV Chernishevsky, MV Esmeralda, MV Indochine, MV President Prime, MV Virginia, Viking Princess



Shearings have a great collection of sea and river cruises that give you the chance to explore some of the UK & Europe's stunning scenery, rich culture and fascinating heritage.

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